no song to sing


hometown glory

moving back to beijing has brought back many old memories... to when life used to be stationary, or timeless, or steady.

im happy...

Leaving family and friends at the age of 15 for five years, i believe now is my time to relive the days I have missed out on.

I left because people come and go in Beijing, couldn't handle being the one left in this city, but thats the beauty of it, no?

So now I am here, ready to face new challenges.

i love this city too much to leave.

download "hometown glory" by Adele...


time is running out

its funny how some people change when you are about to leave a place.

emotions are so real..



im staying in on a saturday night. I looked at my calendar and sadly realized that i only have 2 more weeks here...

im gonna have to wake up from this dream soon.


"every super woman needs a super man"

too many great women out there and too little great men. My whole life I have only met 2 great men (not including family members). Only 2...

its so sick...

ps. claire, china blocked lj; cant read your post! :(


recent shows

May 18:
Lykke Li's show was amazing. It was such a rush! i was so nervous to see her because shes amazing!

May 21:
M.I.A.. she is one of a kind. her performance went really well. One part i did not enjoy was when we had to wait for her to come out. the show started at 8, MIA played around 10:30 - 11? By the time she came out I was already drained from dancing to other peoples songs.
p.s. claire, we missed you.


Americans, in average, watch 4.5 hours worth of television in one day. now thats insane.

I only watch that much tv during the summer when I lock myself in my room with the aircon on to 16 degrees Celsius while its bleeding hot outside. Last summer I could not stand Beijing's summer heat, so i stayed in my cozy room with layers of blankets and watched 3 seasons of "the L word" and "Heroes." best time of my life.

although i do understand how people feel when they are super high. all you want to do is stay home and watch a good fcking film. mr. mota likes to keep people home.

I realized that the only time i write in this blog is when i have homework to do or a final to study for (physiology quiz tomorrow!). i find excuses that will keep me from doing what i have to do.

BUTTTT whats keeping me going is the fact that i leave to beijing in a couple of days! i don't remember ever being this excited to go back. is it for my friends and family? or the idea of returning to a place called home as an adult-to-be? every time i come home i bring back a girl who has grown. i grow and grow...and grow to what? aren't i suppose to be an adult now? but what do i bring back this time? A part of me wants to bring back the old me. the "all i want to do is have some fun" me. i am returning with baggage left behind and a new face to put a smile on to all my loved ones! that is what is exciting me. tickles my heart.

i dont love many people. but to those i love i give too much. i give too much because im afraid i will lose them. how pathetic.

Today was the last day of my ceramics class. i loved that class so much i wanted to cry. every student had a certain bond to the clay and to the people who have touched the clay. its as if the clay embedded it's soul into our hands and into our body and molded us into one.